How To Use a 3 - Stage Impinger

How To Use a 3 - Stage Impinger


  1. Empty the isopropanol out of each stage using stopper on the side of each stage, being careful not to contaminate the stopper.
  2. Using syringe and canula aseptically add 10ml sterile peptone to each stage via the side stopper.

    *If the peptone appears turbid in any of the stages, empty and reload that stage with peptone.

To Use

  1. Rinse the stopper attach to tubing with isopropanol. Attach pump to bottom stage using stopper and tubing provided.
  2. Remove stopper from the top stage.
  3. Time sample run. (approximately 15 minutes)
  4. Replace the top and bottom stoppers.

Sample Removal

  1. Using a sterile syringe and canula for each stage draw up sample & transfer to a sterile bottle.
  2. There should be three bottles per sample, each labeled with stage, volume retrieved, site, and date.
  3. Keep samples cool.

Cleaning and Storage

Impingers are NOT autoclavable.
  1. Thoroughly rinse stoppers and impinger with hot water, drain.
  2. Add 10 to 20mls isopropanol to each stage then replace stopper.
  3. Carefully swirl to contact all area.
  4. Impingers are stored with isopropanol in each stage.
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