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Nutrition Labelling Regulations

---In December 2002, the Food and Drug Regulations were amended to make nutrition labelling mandatory on most food labels, update requirements for nutrient content claims, and permit the use of diet-related health claims on foods. As a result, nutrition labelling became mandatory for most prepackaged foods in December 2005, with smaller businesses having until December 2007 to comply with the new regulations.

Guidelines For Canadian Drinking Water Quality

The Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality deal with microbiological, chemical and radiological contaminants. They also address concerns with physical characteristics of water, such as taste and odour. Published by Health Canada.

BC Drinking Water Protection Act

The Drinking Water Protection Act and regulation replace the Safe Drinking Water Regulation under the Health Act. The Act covers ALL water systems other than single family dwellings (and systems excluded through the regulation) and outlines requirements for water suppliers in terms of ensuring that the water supplied to their users is potable and meets any additional requirements established by the Drinking Water Protection Regulation or by the water supply system's operating permit as set by the local Drinking Water Officer.

BC Environmental Management Act
Contaminated Sites Regulation -Schedule 1-11

Standards Triggering Contaminated Soil Relocation Agreements


CRD Bylaw

Capital Regional District (CRD) Bylaw No. 2922

--- A Bylaw to Regulate the Discharge of Waste into Sewers Connected to a Sewage Facility



CCME Environmental Quality Guidelines

--- Provide nationally endorsed science based goals for the quality of atmospheric, aquatic, and terrestrial ecosystems. Users will find chemical-specific guideline fact sheets that summarize the key scientific information and rationale for each substance, detailed summary tables of recommended guidelines for the different media and resource uses, and the protocols used in developing the guidelines, along with their associated implementation guidance. Spreadsheet calculators for indices of Water Quality, Soil Quality and Sediment Quality are also included.



Provincial Health Officer Approved Laboratories for Microbiological Testing

---Listings of laboratories approved by BC Provincial Health Officer for drinking water microbiological testing.



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