About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 1983 M.B. Laboratories Ltd. Is a full service analytical laboratory located in Sidney, British Columbia. The company is 100% Canadian owned and operated. We serve clients in British Columbia, across Canada, throughout the U.S., Japan and Europe. Our highly trained, professional staff have extensive knowledge and experience in both microbiology and chemistry.

At M.B. Laboratories we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service to each and every client we serve. We maintain a rigorous Quality Assurance & Control program to ensure the integrity of all analytical results. The company has an ongoing, continuing commitment to research and development in a number of professional areas, solidifying our confidence that we are truly offering all that we can to our clients. The laboratory is routinely audited for analytical performance by a number of leading regulatory and quality control agencies. Our pursuit of quality has resulted in a steady rate of growth, while maintaining relationships with clients over many years of service. In addition, we consistently add new types of analyses to our menu of testing services, allowing us to better serve the needs of our clients.

Core Values

Treat every client with respect and professional courtesy.
Deliver timely, quality service with good value.
Recognize that each member of our staff is a valuable and essential part of our team.
Maintain the highest level of expertise through continuous staff development and training.

Mission Statement

The mission of M.B. Laboratories is to provide each client with the highest quality service at affordable prices.

We accomplish our mission through technical innovation, scientific excellence, a comprehensive QC/QA program and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.